Preserving and highlighting
the heritage of companies
A twofold expertise
We combine within one vision
a scientific process and creative approach.

historical sources

To shed light on History

Consulting in strategic
heritage management

Perles d’Histoire acts as an advisor and an assistant project manager to create and deploy heritage services within companies. Our dedicated experts support them by evaluating the potential and relevance of archives, compare tools, identify resources and the means necessary to meet the client’s ambitions for the project.

Archival and
documentary engineering

Archival and documentary engineering is the global study of an archiving project from its conception at the very beginning to its final realization. We will assist you in finding the best method to utilize the archival organisation to your advantage (archiving process, file plan, collecting archives, digitization, DAM). In 2018, Perles d’Histoire developed the Heritage Perles d’Histoire © patent to objectify the identification of heritage archives.


Our passionate and dedicated teams will advise you and handle the management of your collections: from compiling an inventory to proofing artefacts and documents, to cleaning, restorations, conditioning, packaging, and organising, we are here to help you secure your sources and reveal their full potential.

Historical and
iconographical research

To better understand your unique identity, your culture and universe, our teams will search into your origins, and those of your products, retracing your path. By conducting a proper investigation in a scientific and methodical approach, we lay the foundation for our development projects.


The men and women that make up your company encapsulate its living memory, and their stories are invaluable testimonies that bring emotion and meaning. Perles d’Histoire actively conducts oral archiving by recording audios and videos in order to share their voices and expertise.


To enlighten the future

Feasibility and
opportunity assessment

When you consider carrying out an ambitious museography project, we must study this dream to see how we can make it possible. Physical, organisational, programming and financial considerations are all considered. Several scenarios and concepts may be elaborated, depending on the intended audiences and the expected outcomes and benefits. These preliminary studies question the objectives, ideas, and feasibility of the project: they are crucial tools in the decision-making process.

Identity spaces
and exhibitions

Driven by high standards in both heritage presentation and aesthetics, our museography specialists work hand in hand with architects, scenic designers, artistic directors and multimedia agency partners, to design and produce turnkey spaces.

Virtual museums and
multimedia experiences

The combination of physical contact with heritage artefacts and the immersive experience of multimedia produces an emotionally extraordinary experience for visitors. Our project leaders blend narrative and creative skills, to offer you the appropriate tool to reach your audience.

and films

Saying a word, a statement, giving a direct transmission: films are a powerful medium which we have regularly relied upon since the establishment of Perles d’Histoire. The multiplicity of its forms, including but not limited to documentaries, archive films, web series, motion design, and testimonial films are just a few excellent examples of the impactful and unifying power of film.

Books and

For you to leave a timeless mark, Perles d’Histoire supports you through your publications. Whether it is a beautiful picture book, mooks, comic books, or others, all types of prints enable you to create historical references. Publications pose as actors in the transmission of intangible heritage, and become the cornerstones for sharing your history.
Perles d'Histoire