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The Hutchinson story began in 1853 in a French factory of Châlette-sur-Loing. Founded by American businessman Hiram Hutchinson, the company rapidly developed its business, expanding from boots to tires and to vibratory isolation process. The group decided to bring together all its’ branches of production under one unique brand, Hutchinson, one unique place, the 507 and a common past. Today, the brand thrives worldwide and continues to develop innovations to lead the evolution of mobility.

Our project

After a first mission in archiving management (inventory and digitization), Perles d’Histoire has produced a film as part of a project of rehabilitating one of the company’s industrial sites, the historical cradle of the Hutchinson Group. The film sheds light on the company’s journey through photos, videos, advertising posters, and through 3D exploration, animation and motion design.

Perles d'Histoire