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In 1956, during the aftermath of the Second World War, Joen-Noêl Bongrain, the son of a dairy farm owner in the domain on the Labiche coast created a new cheese. Its name and shape made it original, and it stood out from others. Mr. Bongrain deliberately deviated from typical cheese designations, and instead drew inspiration from his passion for history and mythology, naming it Caprice des Dieux.

Our project

In 2016, the iconic Caprice des Dieux dairy farm decided to open its doors to the public and share its path from being a small family business to becoming an international presence. In partnership with the brand’s teams, Perles d’Histoire designed and produced the museum’s content: games, multimedia devices, and sensory experiences.  By putting forward the social and environmental commitments of the brand, a fun discovery tour of the cheeses, and the expertise and advertising behind its production, the exhibition layout presents the brand’s personality with great wit and tact.

Perles d'Histoire